Wednesday, February 2, 2011

The Time Traveler's Wife

i gotta admit, first time i saw the movie in the theater with a couple of friends i was just so confused. but i saw it again on the TV and i think that even though it's not an ordinary drama movie, it's quite sweet.

one thing i noticed this time, is the cute outfits in the movie. i think that Claire has a great wardrobe!

this brown leather jacket is just awesome! i think leather jackets are awesome and i actually have a black one ( synthetic, since i don't like to buy real leather ) and i don't need anything else!! well, except when it gets cold, then i kinda need a warm coat. ( luckily, i have that hehe ) anyway, my point is - leather jacket is a must in EVERY wardrobe.

i am really loving this cozy sweater she's wearing... cozy things like that are so awesome to wear at home when it's raining ( along with an awesome book! )

this yellow color is amazing. that's all i can say. perfect for the up-and-coming spring! 
( in this picture, she looks a bit like Kirsten Stewart from Twilight, doesn't she? ) 

and finally, i REALLY like this long sleeve jean-shirt. i saw it once in H&M but never bought it, i think i should next time i spot it!

so yeah... basically, i love casual and comfy outfits, gotta admit, it looks cute without too much effort!

so on that note i will finish the post and will head off to work.
have a beautiful day~ C:


Alison said...

Hello and welcome to blogland. I haven't seen this film as I didn't like the book, but I do love that yellow cardi.

I think I'll go a hunting now for one similar.

Your blogs looking lovely. Good luck and have fun.


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