Thursday, February 10, 2011

music to my ears.

so i realized i haven't been talking much about music - a subject worth talking about.
i am ALWAYS in a search of good music, i collect music from everywhere. movies, TV shows, the radio... i always open my ears to notice great songs and then finding them online. i have a pretty big and impressive collection of music ( all legally bought of course! ) and well, i decided to share a few of my most-played songs with you, hope you like them :)

for all of you hard rock lovers ( like myself), i just recently heard this song over a Guitar Hero game i played on the iPod touch in the iDigital store ( i was looking for a something to hold all of my music, and decided that iPod classic might be the best thing ) so yeah, i really like this song. :)

so this is an energetic country song i heard on the P.S I Love You movie, and i love listening to it when i am cleaning up! its so much fun! i really do love country music :)

this is a lovely downbeat song i heard over Smallville ( i am currently obsessed with this show right now ) which always calms me down.

another acoustic song i heard over Smallville ( man, this show has some great music! ) and this is actually pretty sad, but it has so much emotion in it!

so i am ending this post with this last song that always showed me the bright side of life.

have a happy week!! :)


babalisme said...

I love myself some good music too... you seem in the mood for soothing female sounds.. :)

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