Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Life's a Beach

so I have always loved the beach! swimming in the summer, taking a walk in the winter and just starring at it for hours thinking "what else is out there?". so lately i've been interested in coastal decoration. i think there's something completely magical in bringing some of this fresh ocean pieces to your house!

i love the colors of the furniture, and the great view!

this place seems so cozy and lovely!

seashells - probably the best decoration ever!

stones also work great :)

this vintage clock is just awesome~~

these are so cute, on etsy

i would love to make this cute little scrapbook one day!

sweet dreams~


Shane Burch said...

Etsy is a great website. Glad to see you have amazing taste :-). I love the beach too. The whole atmosphere is indescribable.
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