Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Gossip Girl Fashion

first of all, i have to say that i don't watch Gossip Girl, and i don't usually wear high fashion since my daily style is more casual and a little bit of rockish sometimes, but when there's some special occasion i just love dressing up! so the latest thing that caught my eye is Gossip Girl's fashion. i think it's super cute and classy and it gave me tons of new ideas. here some of my favorite outfits:

Blair in Paris, how cute that skirt is??

i seriously love the colors here, it looks cute and warm at the same time.

yep. that coat is awesome!

my favorite color right now is probably Navy Blue, that's why i love this dress so much!! 
i found one here on eBay, thinking of buying it next ,month! :)

i love red dresses, and this one is enchanting!

tights and knee-long socks - a must have in my opinion!

so yeah, i focused more on Blaire's fashion here, but i think she has a great wardrobe! i am not as girly as she, but it is fun to dress up once in a while :)

Have a great day~


Eadaoin said...

I love the fashion on this show too :) I don't know much about fashion or style, but I really like how they dress Blair and wish I could dress like her! You've picked so many of my favourite outfits here, that green jacket especially is so pretty.

KANI said...

whilst i like what serena wears more, that green cape coat blair has there is so brilliant!

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