Monday, February 28, 2011

Some Like It Hot

i just watched this movie yesterday, and i love black and white movies but this was the first one i've seen with Merilyn Monroe in it. this movie is goofy and funny and Monroe's role is very cute (dumb, but cute.) but you know, she IS one of the most famous figures in history (movie history especially) and she died so young, i guess fame comes with a price, right? it is kinda sad though, i never really understood why she died (never tried to either, lol) but i can't help but wonder, was she happy with her life? was her fame worth something to her? well, i am planning on watching some other movies of her, but there's just so many, so i have no idea where to start... any suggestions?

hope you had a great weekend and you're ready to start another week of life.
 i know i am :)

she is very classy, isn't she?


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