Sunday, January 30, 2011

Jar Candle DIY

Hello. Happy Sunday to all of you~

So... i decided not to give up on my blog just yet. Luckily, I've been feeling very creative in the past days and decided to share some of that with you. :)

There are a lot of things i love, some of them are:

* Candles
* easy DIY's that look adorable
* Jars.

so yeah, today i will share with you two Jar-Candle DIY's, it looks awesome in my room and it's oh, so easy!

so for this one i took a cute little jam jar, some seashells i've collected over the summer and two flower candles. ( you can really use any shape you want, little heart candles can look really cute too! ) and i put them all in the jar - candles on top. i think it turned out awesome, don't you?

here's how it looks like from the inside:

for the other candle you would need two jars. one jar should be smaller than the other so it could fit into the bigger jar. 

in the bigger jar i put some straw-like-looking decorative things. ( i really don't know how you call it, but it is used for decorating gifts )

it looks like that.

then i took the smaller jar a put a simple candle into it.

then i put the smaller jar into the bigger jar and voila~

again, i was very pleased with it and it fits on my shelf perfectly!

sorry for the quality of the pics, it really doesn't do justice.
but my camera didn't work so i had to use my phone camera... haha.

well. i hope you got some creative ideas! 
you can experience so much with candles and jars that it just makes me want to collect lots of jars and try different things!

well then, have a happy week!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello bloggers...

so. i have no idea how long this blogging thing will last, but i decided to give it a shot. i have a lot of interests so i will just put here anything i like, anything i hate and just random things i have on my mind. so enjoy, i hope it will be worth it. :)