Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hello bloggers...

so. i have no idea how long this blogging thing will last, but i decided to give it a shot. i have a lot of interests so i will just put here anything i like, anything i hate and just random things i have on my mind. so enjoy, i hope it will be worth it. :)

for a start i would like to post a picture of my NEW WALL. haha, i am so excited about it that i decided this definitely should be the first thing i post!

yes. i'm going to say it right now - i am a musician. 
isn't it beautiful??

another thing is related to a movie i JUST saw. it is possible that many of you already saw that movie, and then you will probably agree that Tangled is just awesome! Disney have done it again! even though, i must say that i would prefer a cartoonized version over the 3D one, but i enjoyed every second anyway! ( i'm 18 btw. )

 i just love Rapunzel! she's hilarious!! ( icons are not mine, so i don't take any credit )

and a last thing... here's some sweet music for your ears:
i simply love this song~

so... i'm going to explore the blogger community.
have a great week~


Lyndel said...

hi Nastia, well I must say I do love your wall decoration, and great ideas about candles. Looking forward to following your days via this blog.

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