Saturday, March 5, 2011

laugh away~

so today me and my mom took a trip to Rosh HaNikra and even though we didn't go inside the grottoes (the weather was pretty calm and it's the best when it's stormy to go into the grottoes) we did take a long walk across the beach while exploring the sea life, hehe... you can really feel the spring is coming, it makes me happy. :)

this part of the sea belong to the army.. it's beautiful though.

a little crab :)

i absolutely love the colors here!

this is supposed to be me, and my mom's finger. lol.

hope you have a nice spring weekened~


michelle_ said...

seems like a lovely place with a lovley scenery !

glisters and blisters

Eadaoin said...

Spring is certainly in these photos :) Such vibrant colours, especially in the sky! I'm looking forward to warmer weather returning and leaves coming back to the trees again!

@lobsterjawa said...

the beautiful sea, like sea ya? Indonesia also many beautiful beaches, lots of nature capable of remedy, the more his own heart,:)

KANI said...

wow the view there is impressive, whilst you are moving into spring, the southern hemisphere is slowly cooling down to winter!

Maria said...

beautiful photos! happy weekend

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