Monday, March 14, 2011


so yeah... the situation in Japan is still heart breaking, and i admit that i don't really know what's going on exactly right now, but i saw pictures and it's not pretty.
it reminds me of the time that a fire broke in the Carmel forest three months ago. the biggest fire in Israel's history. it was good seeing all the countries like Turkey and Greece that tried to help us. we don't really get along with them, but at that time when help was desperately needed - it came. and all those political differences were put aside. even Russia helped us (i was very proud of them, since i am half Russian myself) and of course, America. 
my point is, never underestimate what God can do, how He can bring people together at tough times to help each other. and Japan is not alone, people are helping, donating, praying. 

right now, i'm going through a weird time, standing at a weird place. but these things help me put all of my problems at a perspective and remember that things will change. and they do.


Alison said...

It is heartbreaking with what all those people in Japan are going through, however it is wonderful to see the world coming together to support them.

babalisme said...

Yes, it's odd how disasters could bring us together closer, boundaries aside...I wish for no more disasters though...but human actions during disaster warms my heart :)

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